Saksham Pratibha Kendra

New Delhi 110075


Sat, March 9, 2019


TEDxIIITD Adventures brings you ‘A Line With A Thought’ - Drawing, Doodling, Tattooing and learning Visual Communication with Dr.Deepak Arora.

Draw? Doodling our thinking processes. Visual communication in fancier terms. Starting from a line to experiencing tattooing to seeing art as living and a form of expression. Why Draw? Your thoughts make you unique. We wish that you explore your thoughts, and maybe help us put up an installation of your work in a Hospital (yes!), through which you can make others happy and help them heal! Tattooing? You see, we will have kids from the NGO who you will be paired with, and you all can paint tattoos on the other! We look forward to see expressive and fun tattooing sessions with these young livewires! We really cannot do justice to this beautiful concept using words! *flower emoji* . Do bring along some stationery! Since the event is free, we shall try our best to suffice your basic requirements, and it is always good to have some more with you.


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Deepak Arora

Deepak Arora is a Medical Physicist by profession & visual artist/graphic recorder by love. At one end, he has been using small visuals to cheer up individuals at his work place or on social media, while on the other end, graphic recording on graphic panels as big as 40 feet, for deep diving into talks spread over 3 days!